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Career Burnout Assessment


Why You Should Take This Assessment

Career burnnout is becoming a more and more common phenomenon. It is marked by emotional exhaustion, overextension, withdrawal from work, detachment from co-workers and clients, feelings of incompetence, and diminished success and accomplishment at work.

Many different factors can contribute to burnout, including personality traits and workplace climate. Certain industries (like health care) and particular jobs (like social work, mental health work, police work, firefighting, nursing, dentistry, teaching, and emergency room physicians) have been studied extensively for issues related to career burnout. Most of the principles learned from studying these particular fields apply to any type of job.

Career burnout comes on gradually, in phases or stages. Take this assessment to find out if you may be at risk for career burnout and how to stave it off. Preventing and treating burnout is important for everyone. Without burnout there is greater productivity, less absenteeism from work, and less turnover from jobs. You feel happier and more satisfied.

How Much Time This Assessment Will Take

5 minutes

What You'll Get At The End Of The Assessment

  • An explanation of your work patterns
  • Recommended action steps for avoiding career burnout
  • Links to additional reading

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